Have you seen who is in the series Warm Américas of my Porfolio?

The beautiful Melanie Moore, the "So You Think You Can Dance" winner in US.

This girl is amazing. Check her photo here.

“Go Ahead – Touch and See!” Tactography™: an Innovative Technology that Allows Blind People to “See” and Experience Art

Exhibition of Tactography™ images by the art photographer Gabriel Bonfim at the Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, October 12 - 22, 2016 – Free entry -  read article

On an interview with the columnist Uiara Zagolin

Gabriel talks about the importance of having met Cauby Peixoto and the legacy the artist has left to us.

Have a look

Carnival’s muse Maisa Magalhães on UOL’s portal

The newest series from early 2016 with the Carnival’s muse Maisa Magalhães has been published on UOL’s portal, Cena POP. It shows the brazilian carnival beyond February’s festivities. Have a look.

Selfie with Vanessa Jackson

If there is a girl who really sings in Brazil, Vanessa Jackson is her name! Here a selfie after our photoshoot.

Listen to her art: Youtube

Selfie with David LaChapelle

An honor for me having the opportunity to be close to such an incredible artist, David LaChapelle.

View his work

Selfie with Andrea Bocelli

An amazing night in Istanbul, Turkey, with some of the most important names of the romantic music, Andrea Bocelli. I can just say we had a good time in the backstage while I was taking the pictures, his family is fabulous. 



Book Bambou Corail - Gabriel Bonfim Exhibition

Entrevista com Gabriel Bonfim, fotografo do Photoshoot da MariMoon

Interview to MarimoonTeam

MariMoon, da MTV, posa para ensaio inspirado no estilo animê

Marimoon, from MTV, takes part in a playful photoshoot with the photographer Gabriel Bonfim.

MariMoon faz ensaio fotográfico com estilo lúdico

Last week, the talk show host and VJ Marimoon and the photographer Gabriel Bonfim had a photoshoot with playful touch and lightness gestures. 

ACAPA MAGAZINE: Vinicius Almeida by Photographer Gabriel Bonfim

Vinicius Almeida by Gabriel Bonfim to ACAPA Magazine.

Making of - Acapa Magazine #4

13/05/2011 - Making Of - ACAPA Magazine #4 / responsive iframe